Looking for more to do in the area?  While we are not stopping at these locations, you may enjoy a visit to one or more of these area attractions.  

Hartville Market Place

Apple Castle



Pro Football

Hall of Fame



Akron Zoo

F.A. Seiberling

Nature Realm

This ALR will be limited to only 100 attendees.  We will maintain a waitlist, if capacity for the event is reached.  Refunds will be provided for all Covid19 concerns including transmission, quarantine requirements, or final health and safety protocol.  Please stay home if you may be infected with Covid19. Contact staff for a full refund.

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NAFDMA was founded in 1986 and is a membership-based non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the farm direct marketing and agritourism industry.


We are entrepreneurial farm families who invite customers to visit our farms and experience the food and the fun we create in our effort to sustain our land and livelihood.