Whitehouse Fruit Farm has been growing fruits and vegetables for a century.  Join the wagon ride through apple & peach orchards, field crops, blueberries, their movable irrigation system, pumphouse, and other equipment.  


Have you visited the 12K square foot specialty market on steroids? They will discuss private label, local providers, contracts/agreements, shelf space, signage, pricing, vendors, carts, flow, and the all-time favorite - slushies!

Deli & Fudge

The Whitehouse Fruit Farm Deli offers 40 deli meats, and 40 domestic cheeses all sliced to order and can share insights on presentation, best sellers, equipment, and suppliers.  

Want to offer supreme fudge and draw people to your display? They offer 15 flavors at a time and have secrets for product freshness, recipes, and displays.

Bakery & Kitchen

Use that small space for your scratch and bake-off profit. Add pepper breads, sweet breads, seasonal treats and more.  This session will also share ideas on seasonal items, short list best sellers, suppliers, flow, equipment, and staffing.


Do you offer over 35 varieties of donuts daily? Year around? Learn how to ramp up your donut sales through varieties, icing, equipment, suppliers, and counters.  The donut experts will also share insights on lines, bags vs boxes, orders, and weddings.

Kids Area

Want extra dollars in your pocket? Convert that small area into family entertainment and reap the reward. 

Budgie Barn

Looking for the new and novel? Entertain all ages with an interactive bird retreat. You can see the building size and set up while learning about bird cost, training, over wintering, supplies, staff, natural mating, making food stick, and suppliers.  This unique attraction has set Whitehouse Fruit Farm apart!

Social Media

Have you checked out Whitehouse Fruit Farm's social media followers? It’s an awesome number-How did they get there? Topics will include: Facebook, Instagram, website, Snapchat, photos, television, radio, press releases, branding, frequency of posting, reach, follower growth, photo policy, pay scale, hours dedicated, questions to ask when hiring a firm/team, and where to source a firm.

Gift Barn

Can you imagine managing 7000 square feet of gift and seasonal items? Whew! Whitehouse Fruit Farm staff will share their secrets of set up, store flow, inventory, staffing, stockroom, POS system, and more!


Want to know what it takes to make your own apple cider? Learn about our Holiday cider too.   

Topics in this session: process, equipment, cost, fee, staff, health regulations, packaging, labeling, and holiday cider.

Business 101

Everything you need to know for the business and management of your agritourism farm: hiring, timecards, scheduling, pay scale, managers, staffing, insurance (business and health), perks, bonuses, vacations, time off, training, required filings, and licenses/certifications.   


Perfect specialty coffee and tea? Experience a new revenue stream for your farm.  Staff will discuss flow, set up, equipment, and training.  They will also cover options for contract sourcing, cost of product, signage, and pricing. 

Walk About

Want to be a premier destination? Start with your grounds. During this walking tour, you can view the stage, fountain, comfort tents, cut out boards, porch, and sidewalk set up.  Discussions will include grounds set up and maintenance.  


End of Day Dinner...


Maize Valley has shifted their trajectory as a farm and production over the years, in part due to surrounding businesses.  We will experience one of them with dinner at Hartville Kitchen Restaurant, and learn the history of their operation while seeing new ideas in customer marketing and connection.  This added piece to the "why" behind Maize Valley's story and experience will better shape the next two days of why/what/how from the Maize Valley family and staff.


1015 Edison St. NW
Hartville, Ohio 44632

(330) 877 - 9353