Welcome, History & Business Overview, Key Staff Intros

Welcome to our Family Farm, three generations working together along with a caring and dedicated staff have created a unique Farm, Market Winery & Craft Brewery.  We hope to show you not just the "what" but the "why & how" behind our journey.

"Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to."  Richard Branson

Growing to a Year -Round Business & Building a Loyal Customer Base

Dairy farmers are used to 24/7/365, so it just seemed natural to extend that perspective to direct marketing.  Cows, despite all their needs, always gave milk back every day, but customers only came seasonally and changing hours made communication challenging.  Often, the gains made "in season" were consumed by overhead the rest of the year, so we decided to find a way to make our capital investment work twelve months of the year and be there for our guests throughout the year.

Marketing & Branding

This revolves around our natural competitive advantages and how we define them from the core principle of “do unto others as you would want done to yourself.”  

Adding Booze to the Business

The day we began entertaining people was the day we began paying the bills.  The day we began making and selling alcohol was the day we began making money.  If you don't sell it - you don't smell it!  Come hear the rest of the story.  *We are located in a dry township.

Adding a Winery/Brewery

What does it take in the way of capital and equipment to make it all happen?  Visit with us in our production area.  We will show and discuss the process of not only making products but also our progression, and we’ll explain the how and why behind our journey.

Food and Retail

People like to eat and people like to shop.  You need to give them a compelling reason to choose you to be their "go to" destination on a regular basis.  Central to being viable year-round is being creatively consistent in your food and retail offerings.  

Labor & HR

You are dead without your staff.  Development of a viable, sustainable, marketable, liquid business, you need not only a staff, but a culture.  This culture is your living and breathing manifestation of your vision and mission statement.  It isn't about you, it's about what you project.

Family Dynamics

Yep, we're a happy family!  We never argue or get mad at each other, and we always get along.  We all buy Unicorns for each other every Christmas! Sit down with our family, three generations, fathers & daughters, wives & husbands, brothers & sisters, and in-laws and let’s discuss how we do things.  Basically, we stay in our lanes, respect and trust each other.

Tractor Ride

From Landscape to Lavender, from Companion Crops to the Corn Maze - have a seat on the wagon and let's roll around the farm and see how we try to blend agriculture with agritourism.  

Fall Agritainment

You will find bigger fall destinations, and you will find smaller ones in terms of attendance.  Our focus in terms of purpose for fall has changed over the years and likely will change again as we go forward.  However, one thing has remained the same - "fall" should serve the success of the market.    

Sunflowers & Lavender

Extension of the seasons and some of the tools we have adopted to leverage our value-added products of wine, craft beer and food.  We extend the brand concept of "there is always something fun going on at Maize Valley".

Event Management

Base hits & Bunts, occasionally place a double, and when things line up - swing for the fences.  All of our events are defined by leveraging our competitive advantage and looking for symbiotic relationships or creating them.  The math has to work and maximize our capital investment.